What we do

As the express lunch specialists, we cut lunch not corners

A sandwich that’s been around a while just isn’t cool so we make yours as you order it.


With 5 working days in the week, variety is key. We make a wide selection of salads every day. Frank and Albie’s salads are a fresh experience five days a week.


Treat yourself once in a while.


working all day is hard work, coffee makes it easier. We’re here for you.

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Why we do what we do

Our focus on lunch means you get the food you want, on time, at everyday prices

Lunch on the go is the new normal and we understand the specific needs of the time poor working lunch eater, which is why you don’t see us trying to be everything to every one. If you love to sit in a restaurant and enjoy a three course lunch with a bottle of wine then you’ll find the Frank and Albie experience a bit short, but if you want a delicious lunch that won’t interfere with your busy schedule and if you appreciate the quality you can only get from wholesome ingredients, freshly prepared in house then Frank and Albie’s is for you. At Frank and Albie’s the food is the focus. By stripping back the café trimmings you get the best possible lunch at the best possible price and we can concentrate on creating fresh, varied, high quality salads and sandwiches. Our concept is to make the chef be the server so your lunch is put together as you order it, by the very same people who baked the bread, mixed the dressing and whisked together the mayonnaise. Think of it as a chefs table for every customer, even the take-away ones. Our menu is put together each day according to the produce available, our gallery pages give you an idea of the kinds to salads, sandwiches and soups you might find, but even the best laid plans go astray, so day to day, our menu is subject to availability. We know that choices can be a tricky thing to deal with so at Frank and Albie’s ordering lunch is really simple. If you want a sandwich just pick a flavour, and we’ll make your sandwich. Feel like salad today? You’ll find todays selection on our menu boards, just pick a size and we’ll fill it up with whichever choices take your fancy. If you want to go the extra distance, adding one of our sandwich fillings to your salad makes a real meal of it.

  • Speed

    We don't hang around making your sandwich so you don't spend your lunch break waiting for your lunch. While you might see a queue infront of you, what you see is what you wait. By the time you get to the till, your lunch is in your hand.

  • Value

    the working week has five whole days to get through, eating at Frank and Albie's comes with an everyday price tag

  • Location

    With two handy locations we are ready to serve you. If you've parked your car for the day, walk down to Gladstone road. Coming from accross the city? Ballance street has ample parking and no meter maids to put a downer on your afternoon

  • Amount of food at the end of the day

    If we had unlimited amounts of everything we make, we'd be selling you old food, or worse still we'd have to add the cost of the leftovers to the price of your sandwich. We know fresh is best and value matters everyday so we aim to sell out before home time. If you're on the late lunch break, why no give us a call and we'll make something up and keep it until you can get away.


Two Gisborne locations, plus online orders and delivery city-wide

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you can use this form for feedback, suggestions, or requests, alternatively feel free to call our head office on 06 863 3916